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Olathe East Theatre Needs Your Support!


As we continue to work with issues related to the Covid 19 Pandemic, OE Theatre is still striving to provide meaningful and quality performances for our students and community. Filming and editing our productions has resulted in unforeseen costs, while at the same time our revenues are down because we have been unable to hold live shows. In a normal year, ticket sales account for over 70% of our operating budget. Combine that loss with the thousands spent in filming, and our annual budget is well below its normal margins. As a result, we need your help so we can continue producing shows for our award-winning Theatre program.


In a partnership with the Olathe Public Schools Foundation, we are seeking donations to help with these expenses. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and 100% of the funds will be returned to Olathe East Theatre. You can donate either online or by check.   


To donate online, click this link:


Once at the site…

  1. Select your donation amount

  2. Set the Designation to “Area of Greatest Need”

  3. In the Comment Section write, “Olathe East Theatre”

  4. Complete your information and payment items


If you would prefer to send the Foundation a check, please write "Olathe East Theatre" in the Memo section and send the check to:

Olathe Public Schools Foundation

300 E. Loula Street 

Olathe, KS  66061

As Always, We Thank You For Your Support!!

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