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H O N O R S  &  A W A R D S

Olathe East Theatre
Thespian Troupe 5078


4 Plays presented at the International      Thespian Festival

10 Plays presented at the Kansas State      Thespian Conference


      4 International Thespian Society                     Scholarships

19 Kansas Thespian Society                



2 National Individual Event Showcase     Duet Musical Champions​

           Blake Thomas & Meredith Hollan - 2012

           Zoey Johnson & Brendan Hulla - 2018

3 National Individual Event Showcase      Duet Musical Superior Rating        

          Blake Thomas & Meredith Hollan - 2012

          Lauren Taylor & Mattie Bell - 2016

          Zoey Johnson & Brendan Hulla - 2018

9 National Individual Event Showcase     Solo Musical Superior Rating

          Lindsey Hart - 2016

          Wyatt Walberg - 2017 (perfect score)

          Quinn Cole - 2017

          Alaina Jerguson - 2017

          Lindsey Hart - 2017

          Mia Valentine - 2018

          Addison Lee - 2018

          Melinda Johns - 2019

          Willa Walberg - 2019

          Willa Walberg - 2020

36 Kansas State Individual Event        

      Showcase Champions


International Thespian Society      

    Outstanding School Award

1 International Thespian Excellence          Award

Grant Martin - Scenic Design - 2020


3 Johnson County Shooting Stars      

    Scholarships, 1 Runner-Up


109 Starlight Blue Star Award    



6 Starlight Blue Star Nominations for  

    Outstanding Overall Production

            2006 - Anything Goes

            2014 - Monty Python's Spamalot

            2015 - Catch Me If You Can

            2018 - Big Fish

            2019 - Disney's The Little Mermaid

            2020 - All Shook Up

22 Starlight Blue Star Awards:


Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role

Willa Walberg - Miss Sandra

All Shook Up

Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role

Jeremiah Valenzuela - Jim Haller

All Shook Up

Outstanding Scenic Design and Construction Tier II

All Shook Up


Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role

Jessica Chitwood - Ursula

Disney's The Little Mermaid

Outstanding Female Ensemble Member

Melinda Johns

Disney's The Little Mermaid


Outstanding Lighting Design


Outstanding Ensemble

Big Fish

Outstanding Artistic Contribution

Kristi Hass - Choreography



Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role

Lauren Taylor - Bird Woman/Ms. Andrew

Disney's Mary Poppins


Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role

Emily Baugher - Trix the Aviatrix

The Drowsy Chaperone

Outstanding Ensemble

Catch Me If You Can

Outstanding Costume Design

Catch Me If You Can

 Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role

Molly Munyan - The Drowsy Chaperone

The Drowsy Chaperone

Technical Achievment

Jessica Goddard - Set Design

Catch Me If You Can


Outstanding Female Ensemble Member

Molly Munyan

Monty Python's Spamalot

Technical Achievment

Aaron Fink - Properties Design & Construction

Monty Python's Spamalot


Outstanding Lighting Crew

The Who's Tommy

Outstanding Orchestra

The Who's Tommy


Outstanding Choreography

Anything Goes

Rising Star Scholarship

Brian White


Technical Achievment

Susan Surman - Stage Management

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers


Outstanding Orchestra

The Boyfriend

Olathe East's 2012 Winter Mainstage Musical, The Who's Tommy, brought home 2 Starlight Blue Star Awards for Outstanding Orchestra (above) and Outstanding Lighting (below).

Lauren Taylor (class of 2016) accepts her 2016 Starlight Blue Star Award for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role for her performance as Bird Woman/Ms. Andrew in Disney's Mary Poppins.

 The 2014 Starlight Blue Star Technical Achievment Award went to Aaron Fink (class of 2014) for his Properties Design and Construction in both Monty Python's Spamalot & Disney's Beaty and the Beast.

Lauren Taylor and Mattie Bell (class of 2016) show off their medals after receiving a Superior rating at the 2016 International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, NE.

As nominees for Outstanding Overall Production, the cast of Big Fish (above, 2018) & Monty Python's Spamalot (below, 2014) perform at the Starlight Blue Star Awards at Starlight Amphitheater.

Jessica Goddard accepts her 2015 Starlight Blue Star Technical Achievment Award for her Set Design in Catch Me If You Can. Also in 2015, Jessica recieved the Johnson County Shooting Star for Production & Design and the Kansas Thespian Society's Technical Theatre Scholarship.

Kayla Goff (class of 2016), Hannah Barrett (class of 2018) and Danielle Soliday (class of 2016) brought home the Blue Star for Costume Design and Construction for their work on Catch Me If You Can.

The casts of The Little Mermaid (above, 2019)& Catch Me If You Can (below, 2015) perform on the Starlight Amphitheater stage as Outstanding Overall Production nominees for the Starlight Blue Star Awards.

Click the above link to see Zoey Johnson (class of 2019) and Brendan Hulla (class of 2018) perform their Duet Musical piece in the 2018 National Individual Event Showcase at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, NE

During the 2018 Starlight Blue Star Awards ceremony, Zaid Umar (class of 2018) speaks on behalf of the Ensemble for Big Fish, who were awarded Outstanding Ensemble.

 The 2018 Starlight Blue Star Artistic Contribution Award went to Kristi Hass (class of 2018) for her choreography in Hairspray. Kristi was also nominated in the same category for her choreography in Big Fish.

2019-05-24 19.08.48.jpg
Blue Star 193.jpg

During the 2018 Starlight Blue Star Awards ceremony, Emily Lucas (above, class of 2018) accepts the award for Outstanding Lighting Design for her work on Hairspray. Below, Jessica Chitwood (class of 2020) accepts her Outstanding Supporting Actress Award for her performance as Ursula in The Little Mermaid

2019-07-03 19.06.42.jpg
2019-07-03 19.07.11.jpg

Willa Walberg (left, class of 2021) and Melinda Johns (right, class of 2019) pose with their National Individual Event Superior medals for Solo Musical. 

Willa Walberg - 2.jpg
Jeremiah Valenzuela - 1.jpg

Above, Willa Walberg, (Class of 2021) and Jeremiah Valenzuela, (Cass of 2021) perform as Sandra and Jim in All Shook Up (2020). 

Ensemble - 2.jpg

The cast of All Shook Up (below, 2020) perform "C'mon Everybody" as Nominees for Outstanding Overall Production

Emily Baugher (class of 2015) accepts her 2015 Starlight Blue Star Award for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role for her performance of Trix the Aviatrix in The Drowsy Chaperone.

2019-05-24 19.03.58.jpg

2012 International Individual Event Duet Muscial Champions, Blake Thomas (class of 2012) and Meredith Hollan (class of 2013)​, perform at the Olathe East Fall Champions Assembly. Earlier in the year, Blake and Meredith performed at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, NE.

On the left, Wyatt Walberg, Lindsey Hart, Alaina Jerguson, and Quinn Cole (class of 2017) show off their Individual Event Superior Medals while a the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, NE.

To the Right Addie Lee, Zoey Joshnson (class of 2019), Brendan Hulla, and Mia Valentine (class of 2018) celebrate after receiving Superior ratings at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, NE.

Molly Munyan (class of 2015) earned two Starlight Blue Star Awards. In 2014 she won Outstanding Female Ensemble Member (right) for her performance in Monty Python's Spamalot and in 2015 she won Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role (left) for her performance as the Drowsy Chaperone in the The Drowsy Chaperone.

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