C U R R E N T   P R O D U C T I O N

Olathe East Live
Sketch comedy written by A.R.T.

About the Show

Inspired by Saturday Night Live, this evening of laughter is a collection of sketch comedy written and performed by Olathe East's very own comedy troupe - A.R.T. With special guest faculty as your host and a music act by one of Olathe East's talented musicians and singers, this is sure to be a night full of fun entertainment.

Guest Host: Mr. Kraig Taylor

Musical Guest: Layla Abu Saada

Rated: PG

May 5th & 6th
at 7:00pm 
Drama Theater
General Admission

Cast List

Garrett Davis

Jackson Huwe

Jackson Tabel

Jylon Hollinshed

Laura Goodwin

Lauren King

Ashley Gaffney

Madison Vick

Nathaniel Lundgren

Phoebe Mock

Sara Cartwright

Shannon Letourneau

Kathryn Demel

Noah Donley

Preston Cook

Paul Wills

Rosie Roseburrough